The Future of RIFF

First of all, may we wish everyone a healthy and peaceful New Year, and the endurance to see us all through with our families and friends until better times. 

At the last RIFF meeting – the 2020 RIFF AGM in November 2020 – we agreed to survey our non-Christian members about their views of the future of RIFF . Support remains amongst the Baha’is and the Sikh communities, subject to other commitments on any particular occasion.  The other conclusion that we came to was that despite Zoom, interest in our traditional discussions has very much declined in favour of a more extrovert and active engagement with the local community such as the Peace Walk, music workshop and other, for us, innovative joint activities. More active association with neighbouring interfaith groups was also suggested.

Accordingly we will suspend RIFF until the COVID situation improves and then consider if there is enough support for RIFF to re-convene and plan future activities.

Thank you all for your support over the years.

If you would like RIFF to continue in any form, please let RIFF know of your interest using the Contact Form on the website.

Best wishes

The RIFF Committee

1 thought on “The Future of RIFF

  1. Thank you.
    Any activities organised in the future need to ensure there is no political involvement.
    This has always been Riff’s ethos and practice.

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