Monthly Discussion

Discussion will be around the article ‘Interfaith talks need to go beyond tea and samosas written by Lord Indarjit Singh and published in the Times on the 22nd July

The topics will be introduced by Laurie Burrow.

For more background to this meeting you might find it interesting to listen to this podcast by Scott Atran

Notes for the meeting

Leader notes for discussion

The meeting shared the philosophical parable of Blind Men and the Elephant – an ancient parable used as a warning for people that promote absolute truth or exclusive religious claims. The simple reason is that our sensory perceptions and life experiences can lead to limited access and overreaching misinterpretations. How can a person with a limited touch of truth turn that into the one and only version of all reality? (Quoted from All About Philosophy)

See here for Johm Saxe’s version

The RIFF meeting shared texts from their own faith and from other faiths that offered particular insight to their foundation beliefs.  Frances Deegan’s poem “Don’t tell me about your god” was read together with other texts shown below: