“Don’t tell me about your God”

 A poem by Frances Deegan


Don’t tell me about your god,

Tell me about you.

Don’t tell me about your religion,

Tell me about how it guides your dealings in the world.

Don’t tell me about your faith,

Tell me how it supports you in adversity and suffering.

Don’t tell me about your worship,

Tell me about your awe at the beauty of the universe.

Don’t tell me about life after death,

Tell me about the reverence you feel for the life force Within you and all of nature.

Don’t tell me yours is a chosen people,

Tell me of your desire to love and understand people of all faith’s and cultures.

Don’t tell me your religion is greater than all others,

Tell me of your love for it and how much peace and contentment it brings you.

Don’t tell me how separate your god wants you to be,

Tell me about your oneness with all life.

Don’t tell me how big your god is,

then kill and maim in his name

Tell me he is your god and does not need you or any man to defend him

Don’t tell me of your god.

Tell me about you, and then I will see your god through you.


By Frances Deegan