About RIFF

The Rugby Interfaith Forum is not active currently.

RIFF ran for 20 years from the year 2000 but combination of COVID restrictions and changing priorities of RIFF supporters means that RIFF will only restart when a new committee and program of events can be defined.

The Original aims of the Rugby Interfaith Forum

The Rugby Inter-Faith Forum exists to promote promote understanding, cooperation and good relations between organisations and persons of different faiths in and around Rugby.  RIFF welcomes members and attenders not only from established faith backgrounds but also people of no faith, or no deity or from a secular foundation with an interest to develop spiritual ideas

We aim to

  • recognise and respect each other as fellow creatures of God.
  • grow in sympathetic awareness, understanding and respect for the beliefs, values and forms of worship of other faiths and beliefs.
  • heal the results of past religious bigotry and intolerance and attempt to create new experiences of peace, harmony and understanding.

Interfaith dialogue involves sharing one’s faith and spiritual beliefs with others with honesty and good will.  Members of the Forum recognise that while agreeing on many things, on others they will differ. The purpose of the Forum is not to convert anyone from their beliefs, or to show them where their views are “wrong”, or even to arrive at a common position – although often we discover we have one.